Blue Ridge Parkway NPS -- July 2024: The Parkway’s design calls for uniquely developed safety precautions.

Ranger Mike Hanna elaborates on what makes the Parkway distinctly different from other roadways and why our three motorcycle safety messages will help keep riders safe.

Last year, there were 83 motorcycle crashes on the Parkway. Don’t be another statistic, maximize safety and #RuleTheRidge.
Ride in the center of lane position # 2. Given the park’s design, the center position offers the safest path for optimal maneuverability. (Don't roll your eyes just yet! We know this is not what is normally recommended, but the Parkway isn't a normal road.)

* Ride in single file. Remember to ride single file and maintain safe following distance to provide better reaction times.

* Keep eyes always on the road. Keep your focus on navigating the route. Take advantage of the many overlooks to enjoy views safely.

* Watch for many hazards you may encounter and practice safe, defensive driving.

* Ready to Rule The Ridge? Please keep our safety messages in mind and remember summer visitation means a busy Parkway!

Image: WNCTimes

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