COLORADO -- Christopher Watts, 34., confessed to killing Shanann Watts, 34, and their two daughters — 3-year-old Celeste and 4-year-old Bella — and that officials believe they know where they can find the bodies.

The mother and daughters were reported missing Monday.

On Twitter this morning 

Town of Frederick
#ShanannWattsInvestigation Update 2 of 3: Chris Watts, the husband of Shanann, has been placed into custody and is awaiting charges at this time. He will be held at the Weld County Jail.
2:35 am Aug 16, 2018


Shannon was from the Fayettville area in North Carolina. Christopher was also from North Carolina. They moved to Colorado in 2013.


*Editor's note: A criminal charge is an accusation, by law, a person accused of a crime is innocent until proven in a court of law.

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