Marshall -- June 4, 2023In the town of Marshall, North Carolina, stands a unique and intriguing architectural gem, the Old Marshall Jail Hotel.

What was once a place of confinement and confinement only has undergone a remarkable transformation, embracing its storied past while offering guests a charming and unforgettable lodging experience.

Let's delve into the rich history of this remarkable establishment and explore the fascinating journey that led to its conversion into a captivating hotel.

A Sturdy Sentinel: The Old Marshall Jail was built in 1905, serving as a testament to Marshall's growth and progress during that era. Constructed on 33 Bailey's Branch Road, this stout structure was designed to be a formidable jail, reflecting the architectural styles prevalent during its time. The building's solid stone walls, small windows, and iron-barred cells were intended to keep prisoners securely contained.

As the years passed, the Old Marshall Jail's significance as a correctional facility dwindled, and discussions began about repurposing the building. In the early 2000s, a visionary group of individuals recognized the potential of preserving this historical structure and transforming it into something extraordinary. Their vision was to honor the building's past while offering a unique experience to visitors—a jail-turned-hotel.

"In 2016, four business partners bought the jail and completed an extensive renovation that took nearly 5 years.  The renovation focused on preserving the structures and unique aspects of the century-old building while outfitting it to meet the modern age.

Artist Josh Copus, who co-owns the hotel with his wife, Emily, cut apart the metal interior piece by piece and artfully incorporated the original pieces into the renovated structure.  We aim to create a space that honors history and storytelling while inviting the community to imagine new possibilities and create new memories inside these walls."


Today, the Old Marshall Jail Hotel stands as a testament to the successful transformation of a historic structure into a one-of-a-kind lodging experience. Guests who step into this unique establishment are transported back in time, surrounded by the echoes of the past. The hotel offers a range of meticulously designed rooms, each showcasing a blend of historical charm and contemporary luxury. Visitors can appreciate the original features of the jail while enjoying modern amenities, comfortable furnishings, and personalized service.

Beyond the walls of the hotel, the town of Marshall beckons with its quaint shops, art galleries, and scenic beauty. Guests can explore the nearby Appalachian Mountains, hike along the French Broad River, or immerse themselves in the vibrant local culture. The Old Marshall Jail Hotel provides an unforgettable backdrop for an authentic North Carolina experience.

Preserving History, Embracing the Future: The transformation of the Old Marshall Jail into a remarkable hotel is a testament to the power of preservation and the value of embracing history. By repurposing this historical structure, Marshall has created a unique destination that captivates visitors and showcases the town's rich heritage. The Old Marshall Jail Hotel stands as a symbol of Marshall's commitment to honoring its past while embracing the opportunities of the future.



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