North Carolina has some weird places to visit! If you like odd places, read on!

The Devil's Tramping Ground is a clearing in the Chatham County woods where nothing has grown for as long as anyone can remember. The mysterious lack of plants in the area has inspired the legend that the Devil comes to that spot in the night and paces in a circle while planning how to tear down the hearts of men, trampling all the plants in the process. Scientists have yet to determine exactly why nothing grows there, including soil scientist Rich Hayes, who has run several tests on the soil chemistry of the site. Read More

Brown Mountain Lights MORGANTON — There are millions of lights in today's night sky. Stars, planes, city lights and hundreds of other things brightening a dark night. Over western North Carolina's Brown Mountain, some people say there is a different kind of light altogether. For more than 100 years, mysterious lights have shone over western North Carolina's Linville Gorge and Brown Mountain. In that time people have attributed the lights to everything from swamp gas to train lights to aliens and yet no one knows exactly what they are. Watch as two Appalachian State University Astronomers use special cameras to investigate the lights. Read More

Judaculla Rock, Sylva - Rooted in Cherokee folklore, this mysterious rock has petroglyphs dating back to 2000 B.C. Native Americans claim it to be the work of a slant-eyed giant named Judaculla. He lived in the area, controlling all the game, and most of the inhabitants. Rather Judaculla’s footprints, a hunting map, or ancient Native American carvings, the rock is quite a mystery and has perplexed archaeologist since first discovered. Ghost stories surround the rock and an unmarked graveyard lies a few hundred feet away. You can see the rock for yourself in Sylva. Read More

The Moon Eyed Structures - These mysterious stone structures can be found throughout the southern Appalachian region and no one knows how they came to be or who built them. One theory is that they were built by the 'moon-eyed' people whose legend starts with the Cherokee Indians. They came into contact with the ‘people’ who had extremely pale, white skin and could not see in the daylight. The moon-eyed people were completely nocturnal and lived in caves underground. Whether or not you believe in the moon-eyed people, its still mysterious how these structures came to be. Read More


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