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Rutherford County -- May 9, 2023: Deputy Josh Fleming of the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office
was patrolling the area around Main Street Ellenboro on Monday, May 8, 2023,
in the early morning hours.

Asheville -- May 9, 2023: Criminal charges have been brought against Weaverville resident
Ryan Ricky Houston, 40, in connection with the shooting that occurred on Sunday morning outside
the Buncombe County Detention Facility.

Asheville -- May 6, 2023:The body found in the French Broad River on May 3 near Riverside Drive was
identified as Trinity Hyde Batchelor, age 35, by authorities on Friday, May 5.

North Carolina -- May 2, 2023: The political landscape in North Carolina witnessed a seismic shift
as Republican lawmakers threw their weight behind a highly contentious measure seeking to ban abortions
after the 12-week mark of pregnancy.

North Carolina -- May 2, 2023: In a recent and highly contentious ruling, the Republican-majority
North Carolina Supreme Court handed down decisions that have reignited the ongoing debate surrounding
gerrymandering and voter identification laws.

Asheville -- May 2, 2023 : As part of an ongoing investigation, detectives with the Asheville Police Department
have charged a second person in relation to a homicide that occurred in January.


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