Raleigh -- July 10, 2024: In a unanimous decision on Tuesday, the North Carolina State Board of Elections certified the

Constitution Party of North Carolina to field candidates in the upcoming fall elections. This certification brings the right-leaning political group back into the state's political arena after losing its official status in the 2020 elections due to inadequate performance.

Board staff verified that the Constitution Party collected enough valid signatures from registered and qualified voters, surpassing the threshold established by state law. With this certification, the Constitution Party joins several other parties officially recognized by the state.

Impact of the Constitution Party on the Upcoming Elections

The addition of the Constitution Party could significantly impact the upcoming elections. As a right-leaning party, it may attract voters dissatisfied with the current major parties, potentially drawing votes away from Republican candidates. This could lead to a more fragmented vote on the right, which might benefit Democratic candidates in tightly contested races.

Conversely, supporters argue that the presence of the Constitution Party provides more options for voters, potentially increasing voter turnout among those who feel unrepresented by the two main parties. This diversification can also lead to more robust political debates and encourage candidates to address a broader range of issues.

Pending Decisions for Other Organizations

In addition to certifying the Constitution Party, the Board deferred final action on two organizations that collected signatures to place Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West on the presidential ballot. The outcome of these efforts remains pending, which could further influence the political landscape as the election approaches.


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