Asheville -- May 11, 2023: On Wednesday morning, Asheville Police Department officers were enforcing

traffic laws in the Patton Avenue downtown area when they detained a juvenile who was in possession of firearms.

The juvenile was discovered to be in possession of three firearms during the arrest, two of which were stolen. The Department of Juvenile Justice's help was used to charge the juvenile with the following: 

-Possession of Stolen Firearm
-Possession of Firearm by Minor
-Carrying Concealed Weapon
-Resist, Delay, or Obstruct
-Tarrus GX4 9mm pistol (Reported stolen)
-Tarrus GC2 9mm pistol (Reported stolen)
-Bryco Arms Jennings Nine 9mm pistol
-9mm amm

Editor's Note:* A criminal charge is an accusation, by law, a person accused of a crime is innocent until proven in a court of law.


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