Have you heard what LEAF & White Horse are up to this summer??? Collaborating to bring the BLUES to our hometown of Black Mountain NC!

Announcing the Schedule hot off the press! As with any creative endeavor, more happenings tba next week like the special events at Black Mtn Center for the Arts and Goldfinch, and the schedule is subject to updates.
LEAF CFO & Festival Director Leigh Maher (23yr LEAFer) is Co-Directing Black Mountain Blues…
“The Blues. I imagine we all have a soundtrack to the various eras of our lives. My personal one includes rock to punk to funk to world with jazz and even some classical mixed in for variety. But thinking back it really began with those old vinyl blues records my mom used to play at home. It was the background of my childhood and original introduction to the beauty of music as an expression of love, pain, humor, life and story telling as a means of healing, rebellion and saying what needed to be shared out loud.

This summer LEAF Global Arts and White Horse Black Mountain are collaborating to create a new event to honor the tradition of the Blues while also nodding towards the future and acknowledging the deep roots. I’m grateful to be surrounded by a powerful team who understand and respect the endeavor while creating something both sustainable and fun to attend. This schedule and the planning process has been an undertaking and while there is still much to do, I am excited to be given the opportunity to play a part as co-director.”


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