Urgent - Out of the Ashes, Western NC’s Only Recovery Center for the Uninsured/Underserved, Launches Fundraising Campaign to Rebuild Lives After Devastating Fire

Rutherfordton, NC — December 12, 2023 - Out of the Ashes (OOTA), a place of refuge for individuals on the path to recovery in Rutherfordton, NC, is reaching out to the community for support following a recent fire that devastated part of their facility. The fire has left 20 people seeking recovery at OOTA without a home, clothing, or the basic necessities crucial for rebuilding their lives. Out of the Ashes is the only place in Western North Carolina for the underserved and uninsured to receive drug and alcohol addiction treatment and emergency shelter at no cost to them.
The recovery center, dedicated to assisting those battling addiction, was significantly impacted by the fire, resulting in the displacement of 11 men and nine women who were actively engaged in the recovery process. To ensure these individuals are able to continue their journey to recovery, Out of the Ashes urgently needs to raise more than $60,000.
The funds raised will be used to cover the immediate and essential needs of these 10 men and five women to put them in the best position to continue their recovery in the community, including:
1. Temporary Housing: Providing two months of accommodation in a local hotel for 20 individuals to ensure they have a stable and secure environment during this challenging time. Most of them work and the location of the hotel allows them to get to work and also have access to other services they need during this time.
2. Clothing and PersonalItems: Rebuildingfromscratchmeansacquiring new clothing, personal items, and essential belongings. We want to ensure that the affected individuals have the basics they need to move forward with dignity.
3. Food and S Daily necessities: Supporting the recovery process requires a stable foundation. The funds will be used to provide nutritious meals, hygiene items, medication, and other essentials for those affected by the fire.
Out of the Ashes is calling on the community's generosity to contribute to this crucial fundraising campaign. Donations can be made securely at https://donorbox.org/a-life-worth-living. Every contribution, no matter the size, will make a significant impact on rebuilding the lives of those affected by this tragic event. 

“While we’re saddened by the destruction of our building, we’re encouraged by and confident in God’s provision through our community that we will also rise out of these ashes stronger than ever,” said OOTA Executive Director Pat Chamberlain. “As we recover from this disaster, the men and women we serve are also continuing their journey to recovery in spite of their circumstances. We invite our community to join us in equipping them to stay on their road to recovery during this challenging time.”


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