News -- November 1, 2022: Tuesday saw the Supreme Court grant a temporary injunction preventing the House Ways and Means Committee from getting the tax returns of former President Donald Trump

while it deliberates the case's future moves. On Monday, Trump urged the court to halt the action.

The panel may access the records, according to a previous decision by the D.C. Circuit.

A brief administrative stay has been imposed by the Supreme Court. Trump now has time to wait while the Supreme Court hears additional hearings, however this does not guarantee that the court will approve his request.

The tax records span the period from 2015 through 2020. Trump has long fought to protect the confidentiality of his records.
The House Ways and Means Committee's leader, Rep. Richard Neal of Massachusetts, asked the IRS for the documents in 2019, but the Treasury Department denied his request. Since then, the matter has been embroiled in litigation.

Trump is the only president in the previous 40 years to have kept his tax returns a secret. 

WNCTIMES by Marjorie Farrington


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