Pennsylvania -- Authorities report that a buddy killed a 12-year-old boy by shooting him shortly after the friend cracked a joke. In Red Lion, a town south of Harrisburg.

Kain Heiland, the victim, was declared dead at the site.

According to the police, the event involved three boys. Heilland was the unfortunate victim. Police talked to a boy who was a witness and identified a 13-year-old boy as the shooter.

In accordance with the court records, they were all  friends.

The witness allegedly told the police that the three walked to the suspect's house, and the suspect came back carrying a gun.

The suspect allegedly then made a joke about Kain's mother, according to court records. Kain's response was to tell him to "shutup." . At that point, the boy produced a black weapon with a black laser sight, shot Kain in the upper back from a close distance.

When Kain fell, they checked his body to make sure he wasn't moving, then they returned to their houses.

Police were informed by the witness that he notified his mother about the incident.

They called the police.

When police located the suspect, they spoke with his father. According to them, the father claimed to have a.380 Kel-Tec pistol in a secret gun safe at the residence.

The father reportedly informed authorities that his kid had called him after the incident and requested him to come home. The pistol was then put in the safe before the suspect's father arrived.

It is still unknown at this time whether the youngster was detained in connection with the incident.



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