Franklin -- This annual event, observed on the first Saturday in June, highlights the tremendous benefits

that our federal, state, and local trails provide, from recreational opportunities to fostering a deeper connection with nature. All across North Carolina, aptly named the "Great Trails State," various events and activities will take place to promote awareness of the invaluable services offered by our trail systems.

To mark this special day, we encourage you to participate in the following five ways:       

- Donate to local trail organizations to support the maintenance and expansion of trail networks.
- Hit a trail and immerse yourself in the natural beauty and tranquility they offer.
- Attend a trail event to engage with fellow outdoor enthusiasts and learn more about the importance of trails.
- Volunteer your time to help with trail upkeep, ensuring they remain accessible and enjoyable for all.
- Advocate for trails by reaching out to local leaders to emphasize the significance of these natural assets and the need for continued support and development.

For a list of trail organizations, events near you, and resources to spur your next trail adventure in the Great Trails State, visit the link under our bio.
Let's come together to celebrate and sustain the remarkable trail systems across the Great Trails State that enhance our communities and our lives!


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