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Asheville -- May 28, 2023: A pedestrian was killed in a car accident that happened in North Asheville on Monday
early in the morning, is now being investigated by the Asheville Police.

Canton -- May 24, 2023: In a poignant moment of closure, the iconic Canton Paper Mill sounded its final whistle today at precisely noon, marking the end of an era for the town and the paper industry.

North Carolina -- May 24, 2023: In a recent ruling that has sparked widespread debate, the North Carolina Supreme Court upheld the state's controversial congressional district maps, providing a significant advantage to the Republican Party in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Asheville -- May 15, 2023: Officers from the Asheville Police Department were assaulted while trying
to apprehend a man with an outstanding warrant.

Swain County -- May 15, 2023: After a body was spotted floating in Fontana Lake over the weekend,
an investigation is already under way.



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