Raleigh -- September 28, 2023: North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper's Office:

Today, Governor Roy Cooper signed the following bills into law:

Senate Bill 189: Fentanyl Drug Offenses and Related Changes.
Senate Bill 615: Adoption Law/Notary Changes/Guardianship Rts.
House Bill 432: Principal Licensure Changes.
Governor Cooper also vetoed the following bill:

Senate Bill 749: No Partisan Advantage in Elections.
Governor Cooper made the following statement on his veto of SB 749:

"The legislative takeover of state and local elections boards could doom our state’s elections to gridlock and severely limit early voting. It also creates a grave risk that Republican legislators or courts would be empowered to change the results of an election if they don’t like the winner. That’s a serious threat to our democracy, particularly after the nation just saw a presidential candidate try to strongarm state officials into reversing his losing election result. Courts have already ruled the ideas in this bill unconstitutional, and voters overwhelmingly said no when the legislature tried to change the constitution."


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