Haywood County -- July 9, 2024: The Haywood County Tourism Development Authority (TDA) announced the allocation of

over $250,000 in grants to 18 local organizations, funding more than two dozen community projects across the county. These grants aim to enhance Haywood County’s tourism infrastructure and community amenities, reinforcing the area’s appeal as a vibrant destination for visitors and a thriving home for residents.

The awarded grants cover a broad spectrum of initiatives, including arts, recreation, historical preservation, and community services, selected for their potential to draw tourists and improve the local quality of life. Here are some key projects and organizations that received funding:

Haywood Arts Regional Theatre (HART): Received funding to support its upcoming performance season, which is crucial for maintaining its status as a cornerstone of the local cultural scene and attracting audiences from surrounding areas.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Awarded a grant for trail maintenance and improvement projects. This funding will help ensure that the park remains a top destination for hikers and nature lovers, enhancing safety and preserving the park’s natural beauty.
Haywood County Historical and Genealogical Society: Secured funds to develop new exhibits and programs. These initiatives aim to educate the public about the county’s rich history and foster a deeper appreciation of the region’s heritage.
Local Community Centers and Public Parks: Various community service organizations received grants to expand and improve facilities, develop new parks, and enhance local infrastructure. These projects are designed to benefit both residents and visitors, creating a more vibrant and welcoming community.
Tourism-Related Projects: Several organizations focusing on tourism and visitor services were funded to enhance their offerings, ensuring that Haywood County remains an attractive destination for travelers.
According to Lynn Collins, the Executive Director of the Haywood County TDA, “These grants are part of our ongoing commitment to support and enhance the community projects that make Haywood County a unique and inviting place. By investing in these initiatives, we aim to attract more visitors and improve the overall experience for both tourists and residents.”

The grant program reflects the TDA’s dedication to fostering a thriving community through strategic investments in local projects. By supporting a wide range of initiatives, the TDA is helping to ensure the long-term sustainability and appeal of Haywood County.

The successful implementation of these projects is expected to bring significant benefits to the area. Enhanced cultural and recreational facilities, improved public spaces, and enriched historical exhibits will all contribute to a more vibrant community. Furthermore, these improvements are likely to attract more tourists, providing a boost to the local economy and supporting small businesses.

As these projects progress, the residents and visitors of Haywood County can look forward to a variety of new and improved amenities. The positive impact of these initiatives will be felt for years to come, reinforcing Haywood County’s reputation as a premier destination for travel and leisure.


Image: WNCTimes

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