Black Mountain -- Oak Grist Distilling Company is a grain-to-glass distillery in Black Mountain, North Carolina, located just outside of Asheville.

They are committed to producing high-quality spirits with ingredients sourced locally.

Josh and Ben O'Brien, brothers, established the distillery in 2015. The brothers share a passion for artisanal spirits and desired to establish a distillery that would honor the Appalachian region's flavors.

Oak Grist Distilling Company produces a range of alcoholic beverages, including gin, whiskey, and vodka. Their gin is prepared according to the traditional genever recipe, with juniper berries, coriander, and citrus peel. Their whiskey is prepared from locally grown and malted barley, and it is aged in new American oak barrels.

The distillery provides tours, tastings, and a store where you can purchase their spirits. In their on-site restaurant and bar, you can experience cocktails made from their spirits.

"At Oak and Grist, a gin & whiskey distillery in Asheville, our vision is simple:

We build relationships with local farmers & suppliers to create award-winning, truly local whiskey and gin."

Oak and Grist Distilling Company


Oak and Grist Distillery Company


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