Holidays 2021 Reach Out and Touch Someone!


What to do during this holiday season? Maybe you're far away from family,

missing lost loved ones, or because of COVID, you're playing it safe where gatherings are concerned.

Whatever you're situation, let's look at ways to make the holidays a little lighter, a little brighter.

How about a phone calls?

Yep, for those of us old enough to remember holiday phone calls before the days of cell phones, we know how much

those conversations meant! Remember the old telephone commercial "Reach Out and Touch Someone." we can still

do that! Call someone you haven't talked to in awhile, it could raise their spirits!

Mail a letter or card!

If you're like me, that letter or card may not make it in time for the holidays.

Why not mail one after the holidays?

There's a personal touch when you send something through the mail. Something more meaningful than a text or email.

And how special it is to be the one receiving it!

Give a gift that will last!

How many photos do you have on your phone? It's fun to take them and share them. I do that alot through texts on my phone.

How about going through them, printing and sharing those! Photos on your phone or computer can get lost, or nobody sees them.

Looking at a photo online or on a phone just isn't the same as holding one in your hand or in a photo album.

It's not expensive and it's a gift that will last!

Make a voice or video with a special message! 

Just get on your phone and record a voice message or video! Grandparents, parents, siblings,  friends! Get your pets in on it, make it fun, funny, senitmental, serious, whatever your heart says to do!

Which ever way you decide, before, during, after the holidays (or all) just, Reach Out and Touch Someone!

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