Asheville -- April 2, 2024: The City of Asheville allows small backyard homes, also known as ADUs, in all residential zoning districts throughout the city.

These housing units can be used for friends and family or they can be rented for long-term tenants (longer than 30 days).

The City of Asheville is now considering revisions to regulations that would allow these smaller backyard housing units to be sold. The idea is that by giving existing homeowners another way to access capital, it would help to free up resources to create more needed housing.
Please consider responding to this poll to help decision makers get a sense for how locals feel about this proposal.

The City of Asheville is considering revisions to regulations that would expand options for housing in residential areas that would likely be more affordable and would provide greater flexibility for the various housing needs.Currently, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are smaller housing units that are allowed behind existing homes. ADUs cannot be sold separately because they share the same property as the main house.

A new regulation under consideration would permit properties to subdivide and sell a small housing unit behind a house, that has been in place for at least five years, as an alternative approach to provide housing and income for residents. The backyard housing units would likely become one- or two-bedroom long-term rentals* or owner-occupied housing. The proposed maximum size of backyard housing units would be 1,000 square feet with at least six foot setbacks from property lines.

*Rentals are “long-term” when rented for more than 30 days. Short-term rentals (less than 30 days) as whole house Airbnb/VRBO are not permitted in Asheville. Short-term rentals are only permitted in Asheville as one-bedroom stays within homes occupied by property owners as part of the ‘Homestay’ ordinance.

Please particpate in the poll to help the City understand if this is of interest for our community. 
Click  here to participate.

Image Credit: WNCTimes

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