Cherokee County -- Cherokee County Sheriff's Office: December 4, 2023: An individual in Cherokee County has been detained on suspicion of abducting a driver who picked him up while hitchhiking.

Today, Cherokee County Emergency Services announced that Jordan Nathaniel Hedden had been taken into custody.
Thursday, Nov. 30, Hedden is charged with felonies including kidnapping and robbery. 

He and a woman named Stephanie Neace were allegedly hitchhiking on Nov. 30, when they were picked up by a car, according to the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office. Authorities claim that Hedden abducted the driver after getting inside the car, putting her in the backseat, and seizing control of it.

Hedden has been arrested in Union County, GA.

 Editor's Note:* A criminal charge is an accusation, by law, a person accused of a crime is innocent until proven in a court of law.


Image Credit: WNCTimes


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