North Carolina --  May 23, 2022: In a powerful and urgent public address on Monday, May 22, 2023, Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina declared a state of emergency for the state's public education system.

He underscored the pressing issues plaguing the system, such as school voucher changes, a critical shortage of teachers, and over 5,000 teacher vacancies. As a remedy, Governor Cooper proposed an 18% pay raise for educators, emphasizing the need for immediate action to address these challenges.

The governor's address shed light on the critical state of public education in North Carolina, highlighting several key areas of concern. One of the central issues he discussed was the recent changes to school voucher policies. These changes have redirected a significant amount of public funding towards private schools, causing a strain on resources for public institutions. Governor Cooper expressed his apprehension about the long-term implications of these changes, particularly on the quality and accessibility of education for all students.

Perhaps the most pressing concern brought to light in the address was the severe shortage of teachers throughout the state. With over 5,000 teacher vacancies, North Carolina faces an alarming scarcity of qualified educators, resulting in overcrowded classrooms and a compromised learning environment. The governor emphasized the detrimental impact of this shortage on students' education and their future prospects, calling it a crisis that demands immediate attention.

To address these challenges, Governor Cooper proposed an 18% pay raise for teachers in North Carolina. Recognizing the essential role that educators play in shaping the future of the state, the governor emphasized the need to attract and retain talented teachers by providing competitive compensation. This proposed pay raise aims to bolster the morale of teachers, encourage more individuals to pursue careers in education, and ultimately improve the quality of education across the state.

In his address, Governor Cooper passionately urged the citizens of North Carolina to take action. He called upon parents, students, and concerned residents to contact their legislators, emphasizing the collective responsibility to advocate for the betterment of the public education system. By engaging in a dialogue with legislators and voicing their concerns, North Carolinians can contribute to effecting positive change and ensuring a brighter future for the state's students.

Governor Cooper's declaration of a state of emergency in the public education system, coupled with his proposed pay raise for teachers, highlights the urgency and gravity of the situation. With school voucher changes, a critical shortage of teachers, and over 5,000 vacancies, North Carolina's public education system is in dire need of immediate attention and action.

Watch full address here



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