WAKE COUNTY -- October 2, 2018 a mother taking her two child to school that morning reported seeing another mom drop her children off the road and drive away.


After seeing the incident, the mom then picked up the children 9-yearand took them to the school. 

The school notified Child Protective Services.

Jennifer Westfall, 38, was arrested on Monday, charged with two counts of misdemeanor child abuse.

"I know what I did was wrong but I just, I was so tired of doing this by myself. I have the strength to do what I need to do but I don't have the skills to make the income that I need to take care of my family, and nobody will hire me. I've been around everywhere. And with these charges I just don't see how I'm ever getting my kids back," said Westfall.

The children are now in foster care.

Westfall was released from jail Thursday night and has a court date in December.


*Editor's note: A criminal charge is an accusation, by law, a person accused of a crime is innocent until proven in a court of law.