Halloween is quickly approaching and many fall activities are already in full swing. You may participate in trick-or-treating, haunted houses, and Halloween costume parties this year to celebrate and Sheriff Farmer offers some reminders and tips to help you and your family stay safe while you enjoy the festivities.

First and foremost, parents and guardians should check their local sex offender registry at NCSBI.Gov prior to planning their trick-or-treating route or allowing older trick-or-treaters to go off on their own. 

When preparing for an evening of trick-or-treating, remember these basic safety rules to keep your ghosts and ghouls safe:
• When choosing a costume, pick one with bright colors or add reflective tape so children can be seen in low light.
• Make sure masks or costumes do not obstruct vision.
• Always make sure there is an adult present with younger goblins while trick-or-treating, and ensure older kids know to only visit familiar areas.
• Avoid taking homemade treats.
• Inspect all candy at home before eating. Discard any that have been previously opened or tampered with.
• Carry a flashlight with you to be able to see where you are walking at night.
• Only approach homes that are brightly lit.
• Never enter a stranger’s home.
If you are driving around your neighborhood on Halloween, you should stay extra vigilant and watch out for excited trick-or-treaters running from house to house. Halloween is one of the deadliest days of the year for pedestrians. You can help prevent unnecessary accidents by following these tips:
• Make sure your headlights are on.
• Take an extra look at crosswalks and intersections for groups of trick-or-treaters crossing the road.
• Do not text and drive. It is against the law in North Carolina.
• Slow down!
• Do not wear costumes while driving that may obstruct your vision or make it difficult for you to react quickly behind the wheel.
Those planning to stay inside to hand out candy should follow some simple safety reminders as well:
• Keep your porch and driveway clear of any tripping hazards.
• Make sure your porch is well lit for trick-or-treaters.
• Only hand out unopened, pre-packaged candy and treats.
• Use battery operated candles instead of real ones in your jack-o-lanterns and other décor.
• Make sure all pets are restrained when you open your door.
• Secure any outdoor decorations properly.
“Halloween is a popular holiday with both adults and kids, which means there may be large crowds out and about enjoying the night,” said Sheriff Farmer. “Everyone in our community should follow these simple rules and recommendations to avoid tragedy and keep everyone safe this Halloween.”


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