North Carolina -- North Carolina's gubernatorial race in 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting and competitive contest, featuring a diverse field of candidates from the Democratic, Libertarian, and Republican parties. 

Democratic Candidates:

Josh Stein: (Front Runner): As the incumbent Attorney General of North Carolina, Josh Stein is widely seen as the front-runner among the Democratic contenders. His extensive experience in state government and his commitment to issues like healthcare, consumer protection, and environmental conservation make him a formidable candidate.

Michael Morgan: Michael Morgan, a former North Carolina Supreme Court Justice, has entered the race as the second Democratic candidate. Morgan brings his legal expertise and a focus on criminal justice reform and access to quality education.

Libertarian Candidates:

Mike Ross: A businessman hailing from Gaston County, Mike Ross is the Libertarian candidate in the race. He is expected to emphasize individual liberties, limited government, and economic freedom as key tenets of his campaign.

Shannon Bray: Shannon Bray represents the Libertarian Party in the gubernatorial race, though limited information is available about his specific platform and policies. Libertarians generally advocate for minimal government intervention in personal and economic matters.

Republican Candidates:

Mark Robinson : (Favorite for Republican Nomination): Mark Robinson, currently serving as North Carolina's Lieutenant Governor, is considered the front-runner in the Republican race. Known for his vocal advocacy for conservative values, including gun rights and limited government, Robinson is a prominent figure within the Republican Party.

Dale Folwell: Dale Folwell, the former State Treasurer of North Carolina, has thrown his hat into the ring. With a background in the state's Division of Employment, Folwell has experience in state government and is likely to focus on fiscal responsibility and government efficiency.

Mark Walker: A three-time congressman, Mark Walker has experience at the federal level. He is likely to emphasize his record as a conservative legislator and his dedication to issues like tax reform and veterans' affairs.

Jesse Thomas: Jesse Thomas is another Republican candidate, although specific details about his campaign and policy positions are not widely available at this time.

Andy Wells: Andy Wells, a former North Carolina State Senator, has joined the Republican field. Wells is likely to bring his experience in state politics to the forefront of his campaign, highlighting issues such as economic growth and limited government.

As the gubernatorial race unfolds, each candidate will have the opportunity to present their vision for North Carolina's future. It promises to be an exciting election, with a mix of incumbents, experienced politicians, and newcomers, all vying for the chance to lead the Tar Heel State. North Carolina residents will have a crucial decision to make in 2024, as they select their next governor.

WNCTimes October 2023

Image Credit: WNCTimes



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