December 8, 2022: Mark David Chapman fatally shot John Lennon in front of his New York City apartment
42 years ago today.

The fact that Peter Jackson's 2021 Get Back documentary served to humanize not only John Lennon but also the entire Beatles was one of its most stunning features. Get Back demonstrated that they were simply four best friends having a good time, doing what they loved, and inevitably arguing. Everyone can relate to fun, love, and conflict.

On April 28, 2022, Paul McCartney began his Got Back Tour in Spokane, Washington, marking it as both his first performance in almost two years and his first since the release of the Get Back documentary. In the course of the performance, McCartney debuted a digital rendition of their "I've Got A Feeling" collaboration, which featured audio from the "Rooftop Concert" of John singing the lyrics he contributed to the song, which was mostly written by Paul. The music simply hit differently, in addition to being an extraordinary feat of technological wizardry and an outstanding tribute to Lennon.  A man enjoyed playing once more with his close friend.

At the Glastonbury Festival in England, Paul finished his Got Back Tour with a performance that included a virtual Lennon collaboration. Watch the performance below to honor John: 



Honor John's Memory Imagine Peace Tower


WNCTIMES by Marjorie Farrington


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