Health News -- July 6, 2022: On June 28, 2022, CDC activated its Emergency Operations Center as part of an aggressive public health response to the monkeypox outbreak (EOC). With the establishment of the CDC's command center,

more CDC employees and resources may be mobilized and the emergency response to monkeypox can be monitored and coordinated. In order to meet the growing challenges of the outbreak, CDC has activated the EOC to significantly strengthen operational assistance for the response. More than 300 CDC employees reside there and work on public health issues alongside local, national, and international response partners. The EOC's activation will further support the continuing efforts of CDC officials to address this outbreak.

Early data indicate that gay, bisexual, and other males who have sex with men account for a significant portion of monkeypox cases globally. CDC continues to offer advice and spread awareness among primary care physicians and the public at large. Along with direct partner and community engagement, the CDC is also educating the public about the present situation through its website and social media.

The CDC amended and broadened the definition of a monkeypox case in June, and it continues to urge medical professionals to think about testing for monkeypox in all cases of skin rashes. Health care professionals should thoroughly assess the patient for monkeypox and may consider testing if they notice a rash that mimics monkeypox or that may be more typical of more widespread illnesses (such as varicella zoster, herpes zoster, or syphilis). Anyone with a new rash, risk factors for monkeypox, and medical attention should do so.

To immediately enhance monkeypox testing capacity and accessibility in every community, the CDC started sending orthopoxvirus assays to five commercial laboratory businesses this week, including the biggest reference laboratories in the country. Increased testing will be made possible by this development, which will also make use of already-existing connections between clinics, hospitals, and private laboratories. It will also help us better assess the extent of the present monkeypox outbreak.


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