What's the Word? Words to Use and Confuse

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What's the Word? Well, it's fun to learn new words and do our best to find odd words. Words you may find useful for scrabble,  crossword puzzles, word search ... and today's words may be all that along with using to be confusing!

So, let's take a look at today's Whatt's the Word! January 14, 2022

Quire -- two dozen sheets of paper 

"Ill take a quire of paper."

Salopettes  -- high-wasted ski pants with shoulder straps

"Salopettes keep you warm and dry in the snow."

Xertz -- to gulp down fast

"After that run, I to xertz a bottle of water."

Curmudgeon -- grumpy, cranky person

"We can all be a curmudgeon sometimes, especially in the morning 

Widdershins -- counterclockwise

"I hear to go widderrshins is bad luck."

Chivy -- to annoy, tease or nag

"Don't chivy him into doing it."

That's today's "What's the Word." 

I don't mean to chivy you, but have you got your What's the Word list going?

Don't be a curmudgeon, or get you salopettes in a bunch, I was just asking.

Wnctimes by Marjorie Farrington

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