What's the word? Something we can all relate to!

WhatWordpexels What's the Word??

What's the Word?  We want to wish everyone a Happy 2022!

This What's the Word starts the year with words that we can all relate to in one way or another!

Who has been a blatherskite, experienced a kerfuffle? 

Blatherskite -- a person who talks at great length without making much sense 

Seems like we are one of these at times...maybe we know someone who appears to be a blatherskite all of the time!

Bumfuzzle -- confused, perplexed

Now, this is something we all experience!

Life can certainly bumfuzzle you!

Deipnophobia -- a morbid fear of dinner parties

I may have deipnophobia!

Kakorrhaphiophobia -- fear of failure

Who hasn't had kakorrhapphiophobia?

Kerfuffle -- a commotion or fuss

Wow, was that a kerfuffle!

Be sure to add these to your What's the Word List!

These words are fun,  use them and maybe some will bumfuzzle someone!

Wnctimes Marjorie Farrington January 6, 2021

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Happy 2022!

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