Women's Health -- New Year Resolutions Below are small things you can do to begin a healthy 2019!


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Spend nine minutes waking up your body.

**We’re not saying you need to go for a run every morning, but kick off your day with a little movement, says Charlee Atkins, C.S.C.S., founder of Le Sweat, and you’ll feel so. much. better—and maybe even more awake. Atkins suggests doing what’s called controlled articular rotations (a.k.a. CARS), which includes arm circles, hip circles, cat-cow, or simply bending and flexing your joints.


A good New Year's resolution idea: Two times a week, take time in the morning to do three minutes each of neck rolls, ankle rolls (both either standing or seated), and hip circles (from an all-fours position), Atkins suggests. This will hit all the typical tight spots, helping to improve mobility.

**Prep one meal or main dish a week.

Sometimes it’s seriously difficult to get in a whole week’s worth of meal prepping, so start small instead, says Shapiro. Opt to make grilled, marinated chicken, a big batch of slow-cooker soup, or a dozen hardboiled eggs to eat throughout your week. Whatever you choose, it’ll be a meal in the right direction for healthier blood pressure, a lower risk of heart disease, potential weight loss, and even some money saved.

** Go dry for seven days.

Dry January might seem like a chore (and not a fun one), so try it for seven days instead. Or, opt to have a bev or two on weekends only. “After the holidays, it might be the right time to shave back on your alcohol consumption,” Shapiro says.

**Eat something with probiotics every day.

Want better gut health? Aim to have a serving of at least one fermented food (think kimchi, kombucha, or sauerkraut) or a food with live and active cultures (like yogurt) each day, says Pam Bede, R.D., a sports dietitian specialist and expert for SwimBikeRunEat.com.

**Swap out one sugary food from your diet per day.

Everybody seems to want to cut back on sugar—and it’s a good New Year's resolution idea that will help improve your own health and can also help with weight loss (or management). But instead of trying to ignore your sweet tooth altogether, Bede suggests swapping one sugar-sweetened treat a day for something with fewer empty calories. For example, switch your typical chocolate chip cookie for an apple dusted in some cocoa powder.



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